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Through God's grace and favour, Something NEW is here! But before I introduce it to you let me first welcome you to the Information Gateway of CHRISTIAN TRIUMPHANT APOSTOLIC CHURCH. Established in 1982, CTAC is a growing church with Branches of the church in over 3 states of the country.

In other to bring our members closer to the heartbeat of God we have provided them with useful resources that will enrich their spiritual life from this platform. Among other resources available for you on this platform includes: Life transforming Video & Audio Messages, Image Galleries, Sunday School Manuals, Newsletters and Monthly Bulletins.

Beloved, David once faced a Lion that was the champion of the forest and killed it. This was what gave David the boldness to confront Goliath the champion of the city saying to him that the Lord who gave me strength and wisdom to kill a Lion & a bear that attacked my flocks the same Almighty God will give me wisdom and strength needed to do the same thing to Goliath of Gath.

Your ability to achieve a particular goal is a function of the ones you have achieved in the past through the help of the Almighty God. Today, the Lord is set to bring to completion the work he has already started.

Many of us have lost our miracles because we stopped too soon. A divine champion sets goals believing that with God, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37). I have been challenged by people who say, what we want to do now is impossible. The moment you say it is impossible; I will want to show you that it is possible. It could take some sweating, fasting, night vigils and a little extra effort, but whatever goals divine champions set before God, they will get it.

As a divine champion, it is not all the time you set a goal that you realize it at first instance. Many times, you have to try and try over and over again before you succeed. The important thing is that as a child of God you will win at the end…and there is a reward of everlasting victory and permanent joy for every divine champion that achieves his divine goals.

To this end I want to encourage you to join hands with us in completing our NEW AUDITORIUM and if you are ready kindly click on NEW AUDITORIUM to put in your widow’s mite. You can also click on BUILDING COMMITTEE to join a number of committed brethren who had decided to task themselves a little bit more to ensure we achieved this goal for the Lord our God in our time.
God bless you in Jesus name.
Let somebody shout Hallelujah!